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The Howard Partnership Trust is a growing family of 13 schools in the South East of England. Our family includes Primary, Secondary and Special Schools and welcomes any school that shares our values and commitment to Bringing out the Best in each and every one of our children and young people. Visit website

The Howard Partnership Trust

School Meals

We are delighted to introduce our catering company: Feeding Hungry Minds - ISS Education.

Their food philosophy; we love to feed hungry minds! Learners of all ages need refueling during a day in the classroom and we're here to make sure there's plenty of delicious, home-cooked food ready for eating when the lunch bell rings!

For us, it's very important that we serve freshly prepared, healthy food which tastes great. Quality ingredients are a must and the more British and local produce, the better! 

ISS School Lunch Menu

ISS School Lunch Menu - Halal option

Special Diet

Children who have a special diet will confirm their attendance, but not choose their food as it will have been pre-chosen for them.

Please ensure you have filled out the correct information regarding your child's special diet. 

Absent from school

If you have pre-ordered your child a meal but they do not attend school for any reason, such as illness or a medical appointment, you will need to cancel your order to avoid paying for a meal not required. 

Pre- ordering 

Parents can use the website to pre-order lunches for their children and to choose an option at:

Orders can be placed for the whole term in advance or on a day by day option. 

There is also the option of allowing your child to choose their own option using the whiteboards in the classrooms, which will be teacher directed. Photographs of the meals are displayed to help children make their choice. If you allow your child to choose at school, you can view what your child has selected from home.

The hope is that every parent will log into the website and register, even if your child currently has a packed lunch or receives a free meal.   If you are registered, you will have the opportunity to make last minute changes from home without having to get a message to school.   

If you are not able to log onto the website for any reason, or don’t get the opportunity to do so, don’t worry, your child will still be able to order and choose a meal for themselves with help from their teacher.  


Children in KS1 will continue to receive free government funded meals. 

However, we would strongly encourage parents of KS1 children to log onto the website to talk about the upcoming menu with their child and to help them choose the most suitable option. The cost of Nursery and Key Stage 2 meals will be £2.45 per day, please ensure you pay in advance using parentpay. If you are eligible for free school meals, you do not have to pay.