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Welcome to Reception

Seahorse Class - Mrs BedellStarfish Class - Miss Dixon 

Children between three and five at Meadhurst Primary School are taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is situated together as a unit. 

We have two classes in Reception: Seahorse and Starfish. Each class has no more than 30 children and is taught by a teacher who is supported by at least one learning support assistant. 

Our staff are highly qualified and have lots of experience working with children under five years of age.

Our learning experiences are planned for from the Early Years Foundation Stage and the children's learning journey at school begins in Nursery and continues through our Reception Classes, giving them a secure foundation to build upon.

Our curriculum is based on the curriculum guidance for the foundation stage:

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics.
  • understanding the world.
  • expressive arts and design. 

For each of these areas of learning there are Early Learning Goals which set out what is expected for most children by the end of their time in Reception

Nursery and Reception follow their own long term plans and topics each term allowing the children to engage in a wider variety of topics and interests over the two years. indoor planning takes place together in year groups and outdoor planning is planned as a foundation stage to ensure a range of activities that all children can access. Nursery and Reception have the same planning and record keeping systems. This ensures continuity in monitoring children's progress towards the Early Learning Goals.  The transition between Nursery and Reception is smooth for the children as they know all the staff in the Foundation Stage and the buildings due to the shared area.

Both Nursery and Reception Classrooms contain ample classroom space, toilets, and cloakrooms.  Classrooms are arranged into different areas of learning in which activities take place. Each classroom has a carpet area where children can do group and class work with a teacher or listen to stories.  Each class has an interactive smart board which can be used as tool for teaching and allows children to access resources online in a large format. Reception classes each have a reading, maths and writing area. All other areas are shared in the space so that the children view the environment as a larger indoor learning space. Each area of the curriculum is represented each day and is considered to be equally as important.  Nursery and Reception have a weekly P.E. session in the infant hall and are also timetabled a weekly slot in the ICT suite.

Nursery and Reception are set within their own amble grounds which are enclosed by a secure fence. There is a hard play area and soft play area and a covered area that enables them to access the outside in all weathers.  Children have access to the outdoor area throughout the day at school and nursery, and staff plan activities that reflect and enhance the learning that takes place inside.  Similarly to the indoor environment the outdoor environment is arranged into different areas for learning: a role play area, a creative area, a sand area, a water area, a reading area, a mark making area, a construction area, a music area, a large area for physical activities such as running, jumping etc. a “road” for the wheeled vehicles, a garden area, a digging area and a wildlife garden.

The Foundation Stage is well-resourced and all children enjoy free fruit daily and in addition Nursery and Reception children receive free milk every day until their 5th birthday

At Meadhurst Primary school we recognise that children learn best though play and direct experience and encourage independence of thought and choice of activity throughout the Foundation Stage, we believe this allows children to develop the skills that they need to become successful learners and to reach their full potential.

Curriculum Overview

 Information on the curriculum overview can be found here.


Curriculum Newsletter 

Autumn 2022